Welcome to GLORE Certification

Recognition certificate for non-formal education acquired through international volunteering.

Global Recognition – GloRe – is a certificate that recognizes the importance of non-formal learning and the skills acquired through volunteering. It’s a useful tool for both volunteers and member organizations in the network, as a way to recognize learning outcomes and validate their experiences within the labor market.

This are the 4 areas of skills in which you can get certificated:

Here you can download the PDF with the Skills Grid or go through them by clicking on each of them.


Ability to communicate with different tools and in different situations

Work Skills

Skills you achieve working in the ONG management

Personal Skills

Skills related to volunteer's interests and abilities

Social Skills

Skills directly connected to the field of volunteer work and environment

Types of certification

  1. Volunteer for minimum 20 days to obtain your participation certificate.
  2. Volunteer for minimum 3 months and have developed at least 3 skills (indicated in the list) with at least Work-ready level to receive a certificate of competences achieved
  3. Letter of recommendation

Preparation to obtain the GloRe certificate:

  1. Receive information about GloRe certification from your host organization
  2. Set learning goals
  3. Write a testimonial about your volunteer experience
  4. Mid-term evaluation to evaluate your progress and give feedback.
  5. Assessment of skills
  6. Final evaluation
  7. Generate your certificate