There are 3 types of certificate issued by GloRe Platform, the Participation Certificate, The Soft Skills Certificate and the Professional Statement.

The Participation Certificate can be received by all volunteers involved in a project of min 20 days and describes the involvement and tasks performed by the volunteer. This document is useful to demonstrate the duration and nature of activities performed by the volunteer while it doesn’t describe what the volunteer learnt through the experience.

The Soft Skills Certificate can be issued for long-term projects (min 3 months) and it described the soft skills acquired by the volunteer. The volunteer can pick 5 to 10 soft skills among a list of 32 that have been classified into 4 categories. In order to fill out the certificate, the volunteer has to follow this procedure.

The Professional Statement can be issued by the Host/Coordinating Organisation for long-term projects (min 3 months). It proves that, from the Host/Coordinating Organisation point of view, the volunteer has demonstrated a professional level in performing the tasks assigned. This document can be issued by the Host/Coordinating Organisation only for areas of work in which the organisation has professional expertise. For example an organisation working with street children can issue the “Street Educator Professional Statement” but not the “Web Design Professional Statement” if they don’t have a web designer on the staff.