I'm a volunteer:

  • How do I get my certificate of participation?

In order to get the certificate of participation, the volunteer should go to this page and fill the information regarding his/her Hosting/Coordinating Organization and other relevant information (duration, etc.) More information can be found on the step-by-step for the volunteer page.  A certificate of participation will be issued for volunteers who stayed at least 20 days within a partner’s organization.

  • How do I get my GloRe Soft Skills Certificate?

In order to receive his/her GloRe Soft Skills Certificate a volunteer has to volunteer for more than 3 months with an organization part of the Network, develop a minimum of 5 éWork Ready” Soft Skills and follow the steps described on the step-by step for the volunteer page.

  • How do I get my professional statement?

In order to a receive a professional statement from the Hosting/Coordinating organization, the volunteer should have first complete, evaluate and receive his GloRe Soft Skills Certificate. The professional statement will be issued by the organization to his own discretion.

  • What’s the utility of the Glore Soft Skills Certificate?

The Glore Soft Skills Certificate is an opportunity for the volunteer to evaluate the Soft Skills he acquired during his volunteering and to reflect on his/her progress since he joined the project. Validate along with the Hosting/Coordinating Organization, this certificate will also be a document that could be used to valorize that experience to potential employers

  • When do I get my GloRe Soft Skills Certificate?

The volunteer will receive the certificate by email. before the end of the project, after a validation from and with the Hosting/Coordinating Organization. For more details please refer to the step-by step for the volunteer page

  • Can I get a GloRe Soft Skills Certificate if I volunteered for an organization that don’t belong to the GloRe Network?

The Glore Soft Skills Certificate can only be issued for the volunteers who participate on a project hosted or coordonate by an organisation that is part of the Glore Network. However, any organization that could comply to the GloRe Quality Charter is entitled to join the Network to benefit of the certification.

  • Can I received my GloRe Soft Skills Certificate in another language?

Currently The Glore Soft Skills Certificate can only be issued in English but in the future development of the project, the certificate will be available also in Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese.

I'm an organisation:

  • I represent an Organization and I want to join the GloRe Network?

Any Hosting/Coordinating Volunteering Organization is entitled to join the GloRe Network as long as it can comply to the GloRe Quality Charter.  They can send an email to the GloRe board committee to get more details regarding the registration process and the step to follow to join the Network. Once an Organization has joined, it will be able to issue GloRe Soft Skills Certificate and be involved in the future development of this project.

  • What would be the benefits to be part of The GloRe Network ?

The GloRe Soft Skills Certificate is a real added value for the organization to assess the involvement and progress of the volunteer joining their project. It will provide a framework that will be referred to and strengthen the collaboration between a volunteer and his/her Host/Coordinating Organization.

  • How to evaluate if a member organisations fulfill the quality standards?

The GloRe Quality Charter is the document it will be referred to in order to evaluate the quality of the members of The GloRe Network. The GloRe board committee will the the sole entitled to validate the exclusion of a member organization based on the criterias defined in that Charter.