The partner organizations have the possibility to generate the Glore Certificates for the international volunteers they host or coordinate. To know more about the 3 types of certificate, click here.

New organizations working in international volunteering interested in joining our Network have to fulfill the qualitative standards of the consortium. As described here there are no other limitations to be member of The GloRe Network.

To help the members and other organizations to support international volunteers we created the GloRe Toolkit where you can find several Non Formal Education tools to be used during the Pre Departure Training, the On Arrival Training and the Final Evaluation of the project.

The Benefits of GloRe Certificate for the organizations are:

  1. To increase the support offered to the volunteers they host or coordinate
  2. To offer an innovative and effective certificate to the volunteers to valorize their learning during a volunteering project
  3. To be part of a global network of organisations working in international volunteering, improving the possibilities of partnership or cooperation
  4. To increase their recognition as relevant stakeholder in the field of international volunteering at local, national and international level