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Joint is one of the biggest and most innovative Youth Association in Italy. It is the Italian member of ICYE global network, the coordinator of the Italian Network for European Volunteering (RIVE) and the coordinator of an informal network recognized by European Union counting on 232 international partners. Joint focus on providing learning opportunities to young people through international experiences such as European Solidarity Corps, International volunteering, Work Camps, local and international Training Courses, Youth Exchanges and Capacity Building Projects focusing on advocacy, active participation, intercultural learning, social entrepreneurship and sustainable tourism.

Kaisery Abdullah Gül University is one of the leading public education institution in Turkey. In addition to student training, the University organizes training courses, conducts research, develops projects and shares them locally. In this context, AGU has always paid special attention to youth policies and has created the “Youth Factory”, a university within the university, unique in the country, which develops training projects for students based on non-formal education and experiential learning. The organization organizes both national and international training camps on various topics and in particular on youth entrepreneurship

Need Map is the first social enterprise born in Turkey and mainly deals with managing the homonymous platform to collect needs and donors throughout the country. In addition to the platform, used by more than 50,000 individuals and 350 Turkish civil society organizations, the organization has volunteer groups in over 30 universities through which it coordinates the work of thousands of young volunteers across the country

Antalya Center of Support for EU Studies Association is a consulting organisation that manages several projects related to Turkey’s entry into the European Union and youth entrepreneurship. In this context it hosted various experts such as the former representative of Turkey to the United Nations and Cabinet Secretary of the Turkish Prime Minister Volkan Vural and the representative of Industry Turkey in the European Union Bahadır Kaleağası.

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