We will describe below the steps an organization needs to follow in order to generate The GloRe Soft Skills Certificate. Each Hosting/Coordinating Organization can issue 3 types of certification:


The GloRE Participation Certificate

The GloRe Soft Skills Certificate

The Professional Statement

3.1 The GloRE Participation Certificate

In order to obtain a participation certificate, volunteers should have been involved in a voluntary work project with one of the organization members of The GloRe Network for a minimum of 20 days

At the end of his/her volunteering time, the volunteer can go directly to this page and fill the fields required to issue his/her certificate of participation (name of the organization, dates, etc.)

The Host/Coordinating Organization will then validate the information provided and send back the participation certificate to the volunteer by email.

3.2 The GloRe Soft Skills Certificate

  1. The Host/Coordinating Organization has to Introduce the volunteer to The GloRe Soft Skills Certificate. It’s recommended that the volunteer already acknowledges the certificate during the first interview before the volunteer joins the project.
  2. When the volunteer arrives on the project, the Host/Coordinating Organization sets the learning objectives during the On Arrival Training. This has to be done together with the coordinator of the project, using the framework of soft skills provided by GloRe as a reference. The local coordinators can refer to the toolkit provided by GloRe to carry out some initial reflection activities.
  3. The Host/Coordinating Organization should carry out a Mid Term Evaluation at the middle of the volunteering period. It is recommended to review the main areas of competences and the list of soft skills defined in the framework, in order to obtain a first assessment of the development of the skills acquired by the volunteer.
  4. The Host/Coordinating Organization has to send a link to the project evaluation form to the volunteer in order to carry out the certification process.
  5. Towards the end of the project, the volunteer has to self-assessed 5 to 10 competencies (soft skills) for which he thinks he/she has reached a “Work Ready” level while on the project.
  6. The volunteer and the Host/Coordinating organization will then meet to discuss the self-evaluation done by the volunteer and validate the competencies acquired during the project. At the end of that discussion, the volunteer and the Host/coordinating Organization will agree on the competences and level reached and the certificate will be generated accordingly.  It could be done during the Final Evaluation Meeting or during a specific time dedicated to the certification.
  7. The Hosting/Coordinating Organization will then send by the end of the duration of the volunteer’s project a signed copy of the GloRe Certificate of competences to the volunteer, along with the Certificate of Participation and the professional Statement if required.

3.2 The Professional Statement

There Hosting/Coordinating Organization has the possibility to generate an additional GloRe Professional Statement in order to emphasize the competencies acquired by the volunteer and generate further employability opportunities.

It can be done by filling the form they will find on this page.