The network

In order to support the recognition of the Certification Platform and to issue certificate, the partners agreed to join The GloRe Network, a World Wide umbrella organization. The GloRe Network is open to all organizations active in international volunteering complying with quality criterias defined by the network, without geographical restrictions. To become part of it organizations have to accept the condition define in the GloRe Quality Charters.

The partners

All the organizations involved in the network have experience in hosting and coordinating international volunteering both through Erasmus+ Program and with not-financed mobility schemes.

Associazione Joint has a multi-annual experience about young international mobility both for underage people and young people in general, always trying to involve people with fewer opportunities in our projects. Regarding EVS projects, we worked as Sending Organisation for more than one hundred volunteers in the last two years. As Coordinating Organisation, we work with several EVS Host Organisations in Italy that hosted 20 EVS volunteers in the last 2 years. As applicant, we coordinated several EVS projects involving African, Latin American and Asian partners in which we involved, as Sending or Coordinating Organisation, around 150 EVS volunteers in the last 3 years. Associazione Joint is member and promoter of the Italian Network of European Volunteering (RIVE), with the purpose of sharing and increasing good practices and useful tools for the EVS sending process, including the organisation of international seminars. We are aiming to expand our network and give special value to long-term partner associations. The fields in which we are most experienced are: non-formal education, promotion and communication through social networks and websites, involvement of young people with fewer opportunities, environmental and outdoor education, food as a tool for intercultural learning, training courses.

Mi Pequeña Ayuda – MySmallHelp Peru (MSH Peru) is a non-profit organization located in Ollantaytambo, Cusco, Peru, that supports children and young adults with disabilities or low economic resources by providing access to education, health care and skills training. In order to improve their quality of life, we develop long-term sustainable plans, thus avoiding a culture of dependency.

MySmallHelp Peru works with volunteers on a variety of projects in the Sacred Valley of the Incas and Cusco. The volunteers play a prime role in the success of having a positive impact in the lives of MSH Peru’s beneficiaries, their families and the communities.

Rota Jovem is a non-profit Youth Association, based in Cascais, Portugal, that promote and support activities for youngsters since 1992. After 25 years of existence a lot has changed, we grew up to be an organisation with more than 1600 members that are able to, not only develop local activities, but also take part in international youth exchanges and volunteering programs. The organization has been shaped all over the years, and now we are specialized in human rights, “no hate speech” movement, active and global citizenship, critical thinking and media literacy despite all the involvement on environmental and sports activities throughout the years. Our main mission is to contribute to the development of active, commitment, critical and creative young citizens and we truly believe that intercultural learning, volunteering and non-formal education activities are a major part of that development.

The Service Volontaire International (SVI) is a Belgian-French-Vietnamese pluralist, apolitical, non-profit organisation with no religious affiliation which was founded by the volunteers and for the volunteers.
We aim to encourage the youths to be active in the society they live in through our local and international activities. We help them to become citizens of the world who are active, critical and responsible as well as ethically and socially aware. International volunteering is not an end in itself but it is definitely a lever for non-formal education which enables us to get to know ourselves as well as others. It is a way to learn citizenship that should enable the volunteers to keep being involved abroad or in their home countries after their projects end.